Change Management Open Source Project

Friday, February 27th, 2009

So far 260 people have signed up for the free Change Open Source Project. This means we’ve got a pretty healthy group of people interested in exploring the theory and practice of leading change in organizations. If you haven’t joined, I invite you to get in on the ground floor of what I believe will be an exciting experiment. Change without Migraines Open Source Project.

Here is the e-mail I just sent out to the people who have already joined me. If you like what you see, please respond to there questions and send a response to me at

Thanks. I could use your advice. What would you like to see included in this project?

I am thinking of two things.

1. Finding a way to include your thoughts and ideas online so that others can use those contributions or perhaps add to your own thinking about change. I am looking into a wiki-based system, but so far haven’t found anything that seems just right. Suggestions?

2. Holding a conference call or two or three so that we can explore some aspect of change. This would not be a training session, but a conversation. And some conversations are great, and some don’t lead much of anywhere. So it would be an experiment. What do you think of that idea? And do you have any suggestions for topics we could explore?

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.