51 Percent Have Confidence in Their Managers

According to Business Week (1/24/05), 51 percent of employees have confidence in their managers. That’s up from 44 percent in 2002. OK, so the upward trend seems to be a good thing. but the bigger question is – What’s going … Read More..

Keeping Change Alive

I’ll prime the pump on the request I made in the last entry. I came across a list of things that sustain commitment to change. This was put together by a group of engineers and managers in a class that … Read More..

What Keeps Change Alive?

Here’s a question I posed to the people who read my newsletter, Tools for a Change. So the question is, what do you do to keep major changes alive? All too often, changes begin with a bang and die with … Read More..

Expert Testimony and Change

Park Dietz, a psychiatrist and an expert witness, testified in the Andrea Yates murder trial that just weeks before she killed her children, “Law and Order” had shown a similar story in which the defendant got off by reason of … Read More..

No Resolutions This Year

I’m not big on resolutions; they’re just itching to be broken. Besides they always seem to built on the belief that I am doing something wrong. I’m eating too much, not exercising enough, yada yada, yada. Why start the year … Read More..