Managing Change – The End Game (Part 2)

I recieved a reply from Brian Fox to my newsletter on Managing Change – The End Game from Brian Fox of Accenture Learning.I like what he has to say. “Your topic on managing endings reminded me of doing a series … Read More..

Managing Change – The End Game

I received this question from a reader of my newsletter: How can I manage endings of major change projects?     Here are some things you can do:   Thank people for their effort and their accomplishments. It is amazing … Read More..

Jet Blue Handles Level 3 Resistance Brilliantly

So we can learn something from Jet Blue. When we’re wrong — apologize. Do it publically. And quickly. And do something significant to make amends. The CEO sent an e-mail to their customers. It includes a video clip of him … Read More..

Level 3 Resistance and Jet Blue

Level 3 resistance (and support) is formed in the relationship with the other person. I believe it is the most serious form of resistance. Once you lose people’s trust, it is very difficult to rebuild. For those of you who … Read More..

How to Kill Open Book Management

I received a response to an endorsement I gave to Open Book Management in my e-mail newsletter. Here’s what the reader said. “Hi Rick, I would bet that the company I work for believes they have an Open Book approach … Read More..

Finding Common Ground in Unlikely Places

Yesterday, a coalition of industry, unions, and others announced that they joined forces to work on finding a way to provide affordable healthcare for all Americans. The most noteworthy partners in this were Wal-Mart and SEIU (Service Employees International Union). … Read More..