Putting Change Management Plans to the Test

I read a piece about young go-getters in business (Washington Post 10/26/08). Hooman Radfar went to Silicon Valley to meet with investors. But not for the reasons you might think. As the article says, “. . .he got destroyed. But … Read More..

Leading in Turbulent Times

I just wrote a white paper titled Leading in Turbulent Times. You can read the full article at Leading in Turbulent Times Here are a couple of paragraphs: With so much at stake, it is easy to put on blinders … Read More..

What’s AIG Got to do with Leading Change?

Or another title: Resistance Fueled by Outrage. On Monday, the former CEO and Chairman of AIG appeared before a House committee. During their testimonial, a congressman revealed that AIG had spent some $440K on a fancy retreat a few days … Read More..

Leading Change and the Candidates

Kevin Eikenberry, author of Remarkable Leadership just posted a survey that asks you to compare the leadership skills of the two presidential candidates. He has invited readers of my blog to take it (and then he’ll be glad to send … Read More..

How Hard it is to See Other Points-of-View

One big difficulty in working with resistance to change is that it is very difficult to see the world through the eyes of those who disagree with how we view things. The Onion ran a very funny article that speaks … Read More..

Financial Bailout and Leading Change

I think there is a lot that we can learn from the halting progress on the bailout of the financial institutions in the US. Speed Leaders told the American people that the economy was essentially sound. Then, almost on a … Read More..