The Human Side of Lean/Six Sigma

Here is a Podcast of an interview I conducted with Lean/Six Sigma expert, J.R. McGee.  You can access it here or using iTunes. As you will probably be able to tell, J.R. and I enjoy our conversations together. Hope you enjoy it.  … Read More..

Change in Organizations Today Survey

I just posted a survey on change in organizations today. Given all that is going on, and is in the air, I thought it might be interesting to see how people are handling change. If you’d like to participate, please … Read More..

What You Should Learn From Union Organizing

It’s hard to imagine an organization with a union that didn’t deserve to get it. Scratch the surface of the glossy smiling faces on the annual reports and you often find far different pictures of what is going on. Once … Read More..

Context is Key to Successful Change

I am still amazed at how infrequently organizational changes take context into account when they plan a major change. It’s like the idea itself – we’ll cut costs, we’ll move into new markets, we’ll introduce a new product, etc. – … Read More..

Oozing Failure of Change

Chico Harlan (Washington Post, 4/13/09) wrote that the Washington National’s loss yesterday to Atlanta was similar to “the way a balloon loses helium – so gradually that you barely noticed how it happened.” In many games you can point to … Read More..

A Low Key Leader Can Get Things Done

Fascinating article in The Washington Post this morning about Ben Bernanke and the Fed. The Fed is designed to move slowly. It is an insular and massive organization of overlapping bureaucracies. Hard to get things done. And it seems like … Read More..