Change Management in Russia

I am just ending a week’s work in Moscow with Business Training Russia. Good people who develop management development simulations who have just introduced one on change management for middle managers. I worked with BTR and their clients, and was a bit surprised to … Read More..

Streets of Moscow and Readiness for Change

I”m someone who loves the new and novel. My preferences in the arts tend toward adventurous and experimental. I try to perform jazz, an improvisational art form, and I sometimes use theater improv in my work. But here I am … Read More..

Continuous Improvement = Success at Hyundai

NPR just ran a good segment on how Hyundai turned itself from the butt of jokes to a very successful company by continuous improvement and profound belief in the quality of its cars. NPR …

Does Termination Equal Getting Even?

I was quoted in Lin Grensing-Pophal’s online article Getting Even in Human Resource Executive Online. The focus of the article:  Anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that employees are increasingly reacting to their layoffs and terminations with varying degrees of revenge. … Read More..

Why People Fell for Bernie Madoff

No, it wasn’t just greed. Michael Zhuang writes a short article How Madoff Did It in his investment newsletter titled MZ Capital. He draws on the work of social psychologist Robert Cialdini, author of Influence and Yes!, to show us … Read More..

Influencing Others

I just posted an interview with Patricia Husband, a librarian who was in a class I gave a few years ago. She sent me an e-mail telling me how she was using the ideas I presented. My curiosity (or perhaps … Read More..