Good People, Bad Customer Service

Good People, Bad Customer Service I switched my phone line to digital. What a mistake that was. I was without phone service for a full business day. But that day waiting and the talking with phone company representatives gave me … Read More..

Wired and Dangerous

My friend, Chip Bell, and John Patterson just released Wired and Dangerous (How your customers have changed and what to do about it). If customer service is important to you, I encourage you to read this book. They do what … Read More..

Change Management and Customer Service

A reader of of my online newsletter, Tools for a Change, shared this concern with me: “The biggest challenge I face is supporting our business to change its culture around customer service. The risk is that if we don’t, our … Read More..

This Just In – Listen to Your Customers

The McKinsey Quarterly (Issue 4, 2007) interviewed quality guru Armand Feigenbaum. He talked about how customer messages don’t get through. Consequently, quality efforts often tackle things that aren’t all that important to the customer. McKinsey asked what organizations should do. … Read More..

Really Bad Customer Service

Vincent Ferrari recorded his conversation with AOL when he attempted to cancel his service. This conversation has been written about in blogs, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and, I suspect, many other places. It is a lesson in … Read More..