How to Not Hold a Town Hall Meeting

ICON Last night’s Presidential Town Hall Debate offers a fine lesson for business leaders on how to not conduct a town hall meeting. There are two purposes for a town hall meeting: 1. To connect with the audience personally and … Read More..

Flip Flops at Work

Flip Flops at Work I read a blog post by John Kotter (Leading Change) at He talked about politicians, executives, and flip-flops on positions. Here is my comment to his post. The good news is that executives have it … Read More..

A Way to Calculate Enthusiasm for Change

A Way to Calculate Enthusiasm for Change I was reading a detailed breakdown of yesterday’s playoff game between the Nationals and Cardinals. (Cardinals won 8-0. I am accepting notes of condolence.) Tucked into the play-by-play description was a little arrow … Read More..

How to translate direction into action

How to translate direction into action I was recently asked,”How can leaders translate direction into action?” The problem rests within the question itself. By separating direction from action, the leader places him or herself in the position of directing and … Read More..

Change Leadership Involvement Plan

Change Leadership Involvement Plan I have been amazed at how many truly important large projects died because leaders took their eyes off the ball. (Or, perhaps they were able to declare victory, but they found that the change went way … Read More..