Positive Feedback and Change

I just responded to a post in which the author mentioned how much his son’s sticky note about him being a great dad meant to him. Here is my reply: You sticky note story reminded me of when I attempted … Read More..

Financial Performance and Organizational Identification

(This first part of this went out in my newsletter this morning, and then I came across the research on employee engagement.) They go hand-in-hand. (Photo of Matthew Lesko. Gawker.com) Probably no surprise, but employees that identify with their organizations … Read More..

Don’t Shoot – Lessons on Leading Change

Don’t Shoot: One Man, A Street Fellowship, and the End of Violence in Inner-City America (David Kennedy. Bloomsbury USA. 2011) is a powerful and important book. Harvard researcher, David Kennedy wondered why our approaches to dealing with gang violence were … Read More..

Leadership, Resistance, and the Penn State Scandal

I believe it was Ernest Jones who wrote, “All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are getting.” I think about that quote as I read the unfolding details about the conditions that allowed the Penn State scandal … Read More..

It’s the Wisdom of Individuals First (not Groups)

I just read a helpful reminder about the limitations of groups on decision making.  (Why Brainstorming Doesn’t Always Work. Jena McGregor. The Washington Post 11/6/11) It’s pretty common for a group to meet and someone asks, “Any ideas on how … Read More..

What’s Your Communication Plan About the Change Initiative?

What’s Your Communication Plan About the Change Initiative? Late breaking news: communication requires giving – and receiving – information. The “and receiving” part of communication plans is often missing. Corporate communication departments salivate at the thought that they can create … Read More..