Tiger Wood’s Brilliant Mea Culpa

Tiger Woods statement to the press was the right thing to do and he did it well. Compare his comments to other political and business leaders who give their obligatory mea culpas. The contrast is stunning. And there are lessons … Read More..

The Wrong Way to Help in Haiti

Two reasons for this post. 1. It might help those who wish to help during the crisis in Haiti, and 2. It is a good reminder about what it may take to manage a major change effectively.  Nathanial Whittemore’s post … Read More..

US Ownership of GM is a Huge Mistake

The US government should not be running GM. While the government can be capable of managing large programs effectively, running an auto company is not among them. This is a good intention gone bad. While keeping General Motors afloat is … Read More..

Context is Key to Successful Change

I am still amazed at how infrequently organizational changes take context into account when they plan a major change. It’s like the idea itself – we’ll cut costs, we’ll move into new markets, we’ll introduce a new product, etc. – … Read More..