Change Management – The Ninth Waste in Lean Six Sigma

Friday, December 16th, 2011

The Ninth Waste in Lean Six Sigma

Majdi Alhman posed a fascinating question in the Lean Six Sigma Forum on LinkedIn: what is the ninth waste (in Lean Six Sigma)? You might have thought that he would have received a few comments. But he received many. He summarized the list and I thought I’d share it with you.

While I like the simplicity of a list of eight, with so many contenders for 9th on the list, perhaps we should consider a longer list. At the very least, I think those of us who work in support of Lean Six Sigma ought to pull out Majdi’s list and seriously consider these items when periodically just to make sure we are on track. And we might pull out the list on any major change management project. Thanks, Majdi and Lean Six Sigma Forum.

Here is his list:

Thanks all for the overwhelming and interesting response on this question. I have summarized all comments chronologically so new readers can easily join this thread. Hope I didn’t miss any information.

1. Unused competence/Underutilized resources(Christer Wahlberg, Jim Pruitt, Vinod Kumar, Germán Gosalbez,diedria Preston, Bruce Dellaposta, Roosevelt Ratliff III , Kaye Woodard,Gerald Matson
2. Unused space – from a workshop perspective (Majdi Alhmah, Nirupama Palyam)
3. Unused Space – from a global perspective (Liviu Ibanescu)
4. Government (Steven Bonacorsi, chaitanya chowdary koduru)
5. Meetings (Eric Gemunder, Majdi Alhmah, Andrea Evans, David Xu Dong, Dan Willis, Cuneyt Harputluoglu, Navjot Singh Boparai)
6. Creating an additional waste (Alex MacPhie)
7. Unemployment (Ted Weiler, Paul Gundersen)
8. Complexity (Fred Levko)
9. Poor communication (Mutahir Hasan Khan)
10. Safety & Accidents (Mutahir Hasan Khan, David Reno, Fabio Verdinelli)
11. Inadequate methods/equipment (Mutahir Hasan Khan)
12. Poor planning (Mutahir Hasan Khan, Steve Phillips, Leon Smith)
13. Low employee engagement (John Harrison, Carlos A. Sanchez)
14. Performance appraisal (Venkat K)
15. Things to appease your manager not the organization (Venkat K)
16. Excess use of resources (Arun K Mishra)
17. Entropy (Andrea evans, Fabio Verdinelli)
18. Too much communication (James Thottan)
19. Excess and unnecessary information (Majdi Alhmah)
20. Motivation (Antony P, Cuneyt Harputluoglu)
21. Decision taking time (Vishwanathan C)
22. Inspection (Scott Thor, Vinod Kumar)
23. Uncertainty (Alexander Glazkov)
24. Expectation (Sateesh Muggalla)
25. Controls (Cesar A. Cartagena)
26. To have too many No. 1 priorities (Rolf Nitsche)
27. Excess costs including too much overhead (Divyang Joshi)
28. Rework (Vinod Kumar )
29. Powerpoint (James Richardson)
30. Unfulfilled jobs (Paul Gundersen)
31. Harming environment (Stijn Schretlen)
32. Over management (Kevin Baldwin)
33. Inefficient communication (Srivatsa R, David Xu Dong, Edward Malek, Pooja Gaddh)
34. Lack of creativity (Carlos Young)
35. Working on the wrong thing (Gay Kheun (YiQian) Tan)
36. Risk/Unsafe practices (O. C. P)
37. Leadership (Daniel Walker)
38. Industrial politic (Shivagouda Patil)
39. ENERGY & WATER (Rodolfo Sanchez, Cynthia Martinez, Fabio Verdinelli)
40. Over-regulations (Sonia Tardajos)
41. Poor Management (Carolina Nuñez)
42. Politics (Peter Reynolds, Stephan Bals)
43. Audits and Standards like ISO…etc (Majdi Alhmah, Rodolfo Sanchez)
44. Supply Chain Management (Majdi Alhmah)
45. Searching for answer to the questions that have no value.(Lutfi Apiliogullari)
46. Excess job roles (Kartik Balasubramanian)
47. Lost Opportunity (Priyaa Gurunathan)
48. The waste of looking for other wastes (Glen Knight)
49. Written complicated procedures (Massimo Cinotti)
50. Mismanagement of natural resources (Rika Visser)
51. Paper (Roosevelt Ratliff III)
52. A product or service that does not meet customer needs. (Gregg Van Citters)
53. Emails (Pooja Gaddh)
54. The waste of “Just-In-Case…..” (Larry Bartlett)
55. Just to point out that some above mentioned the waste of human skills which is actually the 8th Waste)
56. Inefficient use of technology (Varun Bhatia)
57. Congested space (Nirupama Palyam)

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