Naysayers Bring Productivity to a Grinding Halt

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

According to Jared Sandberg in The Wall Street Journal this morning, naysayers “deflate motivation and bring productivity to a grinding halt.” And that’s not the worst part. Harvard Business School’s Teresa Amabile found that criticism sounds smarter than praise. In other words, we trust what we hear from naysayers, and we think more highly of them.

This is important information for anyone who leads change. Resistance will sound smarter than support. Negative comments will get people’s attention and respect in ways that comments like, “Hey, that’s a great idea, boss never will.”

This phenomenon is probably the main reason why it is easier to build support for change before resistance ever develops, than trying to turn strong opposition into agreement after a change begins to derail.

My article, Why Resistance Matters, will give you my thoughts on why people resist us and our so-called brilliant ideas.

And my website has a lot of free articles and tools that can help you avoid resistance or deal with it once it has reared its head.


I wish you well.


Rick Maurer