Rapid Prototyping and Managing Change

Monday, April 21st, 2008

“Rapid prototyping helps people to experience a possible future in tangible ways. These include rough physical prototypes of products or environments, or enactments of processes and service experiences, as well as the internal infrastructure and business plans that will be required to deliver them. It allows a very low-risk way of quickly exploring multiple directions before committing resources to the best one. Prototyping is commonly used in design development to explore details of how a product, service, or experience will be manifest. It externalizes the project team’s thinking, allowing for quicker convergence and more useful feedback from stakeholders. This feedback is based in the reality of an experience, rather than in an interpretation of a description of that same experience. [p. 191]”

Quote from Peter Coughlan & Ilya Prokopoff, “Managing Change, by Design”, in Richard J. Boland Jr. & Fred Collopy (eds.), Managing as Designing, Stanford Business Books, 02004, pp. 188-192.

Thanks to The Skeptical Futuryst blog for including this quote.