Generating Good Ideas

Here is a creative and simple way to encourage ideas from all parts of the organization. According to Jeffrey Pfeffer (Business 2.0 2006), Google allows anyone to suggest an idea for a new product. “Colleagues then vote for ideas they … Read More..

Don’t Change

Financial advisor, Kay R. Shirley, quoted in The Washington Post (5/7/06) said that many of her client’s portfolios have been destroyed by pride. “There’s this ‘I’m different’ feeling. . . People see mistakes others have made, and they think they”re … Read More..

Darfur is Dying (a simulation)

A new online game was introduced at the Save Darfur rally held yesterday on the Mall in Washington, DC. It is called Darfur is Dying (Washington Post 5/1/06) and was created by University of Southern California students as part of … Read More..