One More Time, Why is PowerPoint a Bad Idea?

PowerPoint is the influence tool of choice inside organizations. Some can’t make a presentation without using those ubiquitous slides. In some places, you look downright unprepared if you fail to use PowerPoint slides. It almost appears like you didn’t take … Read More..

US Air Plans to “Merge” with Delta

Odd choice of word “merge” to describe an otherwise hostile takeover. Since most mergers fail, wouldn’t it seem that anything deemed to be hostile might be a bad bet from the start? On the surface it sounds good. Greater reach … Read More..

Why People Resist Change

John made a comment to my post on Pelosi and Bush: “Seeing this reminded me of the political – emotional – rational model and how easy it will be for them to stay in the first two areas and not … Read More..


Bush and Pelosi Meet

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and President George W. Bush will meet for lunch today. While they do have some personal ties, there has been a fair amount of mud slung about. This could be a … Read More..

Resistance to Change at the Highest Levels

It’s only been a couple of weeks, and already the Iraq Study Commission Report is ancient history. How can that happen? A distinguished bi-partisan group spent eight months visiting Iraq, studying, and writing a report. And the results reflected the … Read More..