Change Management Can Be Like War

The Washington Post (1/29/07) reports that Patricia Sullivan looked at all conflicts between UN Security Council members and weaker nations since the end of World War II. She found that in all 122 conflicts, the stronger nation failed to win … Read More..

Major Change Management Conference

I just signed up for the Nexus for Change conference being held at Bowling Green State University, Ohio on March 21-23. If you are deeply interested in the subject of change management, I urge you to look into attending. Many … Read More..

Those Who Resist Change – Part 3

Just in case you don’t typically read comments attached to blog posts, I urge you to read those attached to Why We Resist Those Who Resist Change. Thoughtful comments. And Bob offers some fine resources for further reading, if you … Read More..

Why We Resist Those Who Resist Change

Why Hawks Win is a fascinating article in the current issue of Foreign Policy (Jan/Feb 2007). Daniel Kahneman and Jonathan Renshon suggest that leaders get all types of advice when there is tension and conflict, but that they have a … Read More..

Those Who Resist Change – Part 2

This post builds on the last post wit ha similar title. Here are a few things to consider. 1. Conduct a personal assessment of our beliefs with regard to people in our organization. Do we tend to view certain people … Read More..

Scenario Planning for 2007

Happy New Year   Even though I am not much on resolutions, I do find myself thinking about goals and plans for the New Year. And I’ll bet that you may be thinking similar things. In a couple of hours, … Read More..