Change without Migraines Formula

I don’t promote my books, etc. much in this blog. but today I will. The Change without Migraines Formula has been in the works for eighteen months. And I just released it. As you might imagine I am quite excited. … Read More..

This Just In – Listen to Your Customers

The McKinsey Quarterly (Issue 4, 2007) interviewed quality guru Armand Feigenbaum. He talked about how customer messages don’t get through. Consequently, quality efforts often tackle things that aren’t all that important to the customer. McKinsey asked what organizations should do. … Read More..

Change and Positive Deviance Part II

Please look at the comment from Jan Gallagher to the post I made on Positive Deviance. Jan is Director of Communications for Organization Development Network, (the group that put on the conference) and provides a link to the slides from … Read More..

Change without Migraines Formula

If the stars are properly aligned, my new product, Change without Migraines Formula should be released next Wednesday, November 30. I will announce it here, but if you want to receive an e-mail reminder send me a note and I’ll … Read More..

Positive Deviance – Part II

Since comments to posts sometimes get lost, I wanted to make sure you got to see this one. If you are new to Positive Deviance like I am, then the slides from the conference are a good place to start. … Read More..