Communicating Change – and a Warning

I found a good list of things to consider when communicating change on As good as the list is, it misses one very important element – people’s relationship to the leader. If they trust and have confidence in … Read More..

Web 2.0 and Change Management

I read in interesting interview in Business Management with Fred Killeen, Chief Technology Office at GM. Here’s the portion that relates to change management. BM. What’s next for you at GM in terms of Web 2.0? How are you … Read More..

Presidents, Elections, and Change Management

Interesting article in The Washington Post this morning. /01/27/AR2008012701499.html Presidents, who get reelected, simplify their messages the last year of their terms. The first three years tend be full of complexity and nuance. And then they get simple. This … Read More..

Steps in Leading Change

The blog listed below posted a good list of steps to take when leading change. Here was my response to their post. I appreciate the steps you’ve outlined for successful change management. In my own experience, I find that … Read More..

Beware of Social Networking

Interesting story in The Washington Post this morning. A student left a voice mail message on the Fairfax County’s COO home phone asking why schools hadn’t been closed because of snow. The student got a message back from the COO’s … Read More..

Change Management and Customer Service

A reader of of my online newsletter, Tools for a Change, shared this concern with me: “The biggest challenge I face is supporting our business to change its culture around customer service. The risk is that if we don’t, our … Read More..

Change Management is Not a Commodity!

I got a call this week. Someone wanted a plug-and-play change management consultant. “How much will it cost for you come in and tell our first line managers what to expect when people resist these big changes we’ve got planned, … Read More..

What We Can Learn From Chris Rock

Entertainers know a lot about how to grab an audience’s attention, hold it, and get invited back. The great comedian, Chris Rock, has some good advice for those of us who want to get our ideas across, and get invited … Read More..