Is Threat of Punishment the Reason People Change?

I read an interesting post that discusses how the US successfully resisted the metric system. The author argues that personally perceived value and punishment are the impetus to change. I agreed with this writer in part. Here is my … Read More..

Is Planning Futile?

I urge you to read Ellie Hook’s fine piece titled The Futility of Planning. She makes a strong argument for why we do need planning during these seemingly unpredictable time. …

Saying is Believing When Leading Change

Once again, Shankar Vedantam has written a fine column in The Washington Post that I believe relates to change management. He cites research that indicates when political candidates try to make an emotional connection to their audience, they change. Saying … Read More..

Back Pain and Organizational Change

I was just going through old copies of my e-mail newsletter, Tools for a Change, and found this item. I don’t like to recycle things, but I love the research that promoted my short piece. In my work on resistance, … Read More..

Lead Change with a Visual Strategy Fair

Here’s a technique I read about in Blue Ocean Strategy. The authors call it Drawing Your Strategy Canvas. They say that this strategy increased revenues for a financial services firm by 30 percent. It is a three-step process. Step 1: … Read More..