Change Management and The Right Frame of Mind Part 2

Mark Mickelson ( sent me two fascinating articles about similar research to what I covered in The Right Frame of Mind. The first suggests that just talking about something – say a recession, for instance – influences how we think … Read More..

Lean Production

The portion of Brian Buck’s blog that focuses on Lean Production has some valuable information. Lean Production The rest of his blog may be fine as well; I just read the Lean section. …

The Right Frame of Mind

According to The Economist, Ara Norenzayan conducted experiments using what is known as the dictator game. . . .Participants receive a sum of money, (Dr. Norenzayan set it at $10) and are asked if they would like to share it … Read More..

Resistance to Change in the Airline Industry

Steven Pearlstein’s “Sacred Cow in the Cockpit” raises some interesting questions about resistance to change in his Washington Post column. Just why do pilot’s ignore the writing on the wall that suggests that the airline industry is hemorrhaging money, and … Read More..

Change Management and ROI

In Corey Smith’s blog, Master the Business, he asks why change often doesn’t achieve significant ROI. Here was my response to him: Corey – I love your phrase “change forsaken.” That’s priceless. I found a number of reasons why change … Read More..

Leading Change and Motivation

I just read a post on Dan Tocchini’s blog titled “People Are Always Motivated.” It is worth reading. …

Put Your Money Part 2

A friend told me that he’d seen where it was even more effective to promise to give the money to someone you didn’t like if you didn’t meet your goals. I can see how that could work really well. In … Read More..

Hubris and Leaders – Part 2

David Brooks’ column written in the wake of the Eliot Spitzer scandal is a fascinating look at people in power. Here’s what he says of people who are high achievers, “They have all of the social skills required to improve … Read More..

A Response to the Previous Post

My buddy, Ross Roxburgh sent me this e-mail. I print it with his permission. “I remember once, while at Deloitte, that a number of more experienced partners were recruited to be mentors for newer partners.. . . At the … Read More..

Put Your Money Where Your Butt Is

This appeared in my newsletter, Tools for a Change, earlier this week. Dean Karlan, an economist at Yale, found that people are more likely to act in their own self-interest if they sign a contract. And, they are significantly more … Read More..