Celebrating Failure

My friend, Rich Harwood wrote a blog post yesterday titled The $100,000 Flop. He talks about his fantasy of going into a community and openly discussing a big failure. Showing people that it’s possible to discuss flops and learn from … Read More..

Leading Change and Story Telling

Thanks to Dr. Richard Borough’s blog for this: Researchers have found that storytelling is far more convincing to an audience than rational arguments, statistics, or facts.

Outsourcing Change Management (Yet Another Dumb idea)

According to a managerial recruiting service in the UK, one in five assignments were focused on change management. ONREC.COM I am amazed that companies are deciding that change can be led by outsiders. People’s relationship to the ones leading the … Read More..

Downsizing – A Dumb Change Management Strategy

Cost cutting by downsizing is a risky strategy. Even a small reduction in force “can unleash an exodus of valuable employees.” Here’s the really scary part. Companies that laid off half of one percent found that turnover rate was 13 … Read More..

Rapid Prototyping and Managing Change

“Rapid prototyping helps people to experience a possible future in tangible ways. These include rough physical prototypes of products or environments, or enactments of processes and service experiences, as well as the internal infrastructure and business plans that will be … Read More..

A New Slant on Leading Change

The blog, Mcontainer talks about the change management challenges in software development. The author suggests that we need to consider Enterprise 2.0 (just as the web now embraces Web 2.0 as a way to highlight the importance of conversation and … Read More..

Resistance to Change and Baseball Helmets

Interesting post about mandatory safety helmets for professional baseball coaches in  Lean Blog. Coaches are complaining about this new rule, even though one of their colleagues was killed last year ,and there have been many near misses over the years. … Read More..

Leading Change and Plant Safety

You’d think that promoting safety in a plant would be an easy sell. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. I just came across the Chemical and Safety Hazard Investigation Board (CSV). They have prepared a series of safety videos. One … Read More..

Change Management and Anxiety

I came across a fine and thoughtful post managing anxiety in the face of change. Although it was written about newsrooms, the wisdom applies in any big organization. I urge you to take a look. Managing Anxiety And be sure … Read More..

The Lana Turner Approach to Leading Change

Writing the previous post on William Dawes reminded me of Lana Turner, the popular actress from the 1940s and 50s. The story goes that she was discovered drinking a Coke at a drugstore in Beverly Hills. She was whisked away … Read More..