Change Management and Story Telling

Making a case for change is tough. But, you knew that. One effective way of getting people’s attention is with compelling stories. Stories grab us in ways that bullet points and graphs don’t. I recorded an interview with Lori Silverman, … Read More..

Change Management at Sprint

Cecilia Kang interviewed Dan Hesse, President and CEO of Sprint for The Washington Post (5/21/08). She asked what resistance he faced given all the changes facing the industry and challenges facing Sprint. He said, “I haven’t found much resistance at … Read More..

Fat School and Lessons for Change Management

The article in The Washington Post (5/20/08) titled Fat School got me thinking. The story profiles a residential program for overweight children. The cost: $6250 a month with a four-month minimum stay. Although the school presents high short-term success rates, … Read More..

Change Management and Web 2.0

Neil Davey’s post Why Change Management is Critical to Web 2.0 Success is worth reading if your organization is considering employing any Web 2.0 strategies such as blogs that encourage conversation with customers. I rarely see such a thoughtful article … Read More..

10 Reasons Why IT Projects Fail — Worth Reading

A fine post by Michael Krigsman titled 10 Reasons Why IT Projects Fail. In my experience consulting on resistance to change in organizations, I find that leaders understand the gist of his list intellectually, but miss the fact that it … Read More..

Major Study on Change and Change Management

This was a major study of CEOs conducted by IBM. CNN reports: There has been a dramatic increase in the number of global business leaders who see important change ahead and “highlights how the ability to absorb and manage change … Read More..

Change Management and Lean Manufacturing

Often my work in change management takes me to companies that want to use a lean manufacturing or sometimes Lean/Six Sigma. I claim no expertise in that discipline. I get called in to help them work with the human aspect … Read More..

The Creepy Cult of Management Consulting

If you are a consultant, you oughta read this piece from The Independent (London) Gary McKeone: The creepy cult of management consultancy This guy is funny and cynical – and has a lot to say about how some people see … Read More..

Leading Change Up the Ladder

I was visiting a forum on the site and responded to someone who asked how he can get upper management to support lean. (Makes no difference if its lean or any other idea – getting upper management to listen … Read More..