Change Management and Stupid Refs – Part 2

Please read the comment written by Larry Beckham in response to the Stupid Refs and Change management post. It is very thoughtful and a fine antidote to the common problem of “those” parents. And, thank you, Larry. …

Stupid Refs and Change Management

Jay Goldstein studies “those” parents at kids’ sporting events that fit the acronym Tempestuous, Harried, Overwrought, Self-absorbed and Emotional. A parent who had been part of his study told him that he had once been one of “those” parents. But … Read More..

my recent interview with Jim Blasingame (on the Small Business Advocate show)” /> …

Change Management and So-Called Fine Wine

I just read a fine blog post titled Fine as North Dakota Wine. He discusses studies that show how our belief of an event (i.e. Are we drinking North Dakota or California wine?), influences how we rate the entire dining … Read More..

Change Management Surveys Versus Focus Groups

I read an article about a political pollster who liked focus groups over surveys. Duh. He believed that you could get better information with a group sitting together. I agree. Unless, of course, people are afraid to talk (e.g. their … Read More..