Learning How to Influence

Many of you know that my work on resistance and change management is built on the education I received at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. I began studying there in 1991, and have taught there since 1996. Getting to teach … Read More..

PowerPoint and The Stone Age Brain

One of my favorite columns is the Department of Human Behavior in The Washington Post. Yesterday’s column was no exception. I urge you to read it. It suggests that our brains hang onto to titillating details about people. Do they … Read More..

Leading Change and Jon Stewart (Really)

Rich Harwood writes a fine blog. In a recent post, he speculated the reasons why Jon Stewart is so trusted by the American people. If you’ve been living on another planet, Stewart is the host of the satirical news program, … Read More..

Mission Statements – Part 2

If you liked the post on Empty Words and Mission Statements, I urge you to read the comments attached to that post. In addition, a friend suggested that there should be a Dilbert tools for generating inane comments on performance … Read More..

Mission Statements – Part 3

My buddy, Tom, who is a consultant within a large company, sent the Empty Words and Mission Statements post to his own list of clients. Here’s what he said: “Be sure to look past the sarcasm for the humor and … Read More..

Empty Words and Mission Statements

Have you grown cynical of all the time you’ve wasted developing meaningless mission statements? Me too. You might want to take a look at Dilbert’s Mission Statement Generator. It’s got all the words, all you have to do is plug … Read More..