Change Management Open Source Project

So far 260 people have signed up for the free Change Open Source Project. This means we’ve got a pretty healthy group of people interested in exploring the theory and practice of leading change in organizations. If you haven’t joined, … Read More..

The Terror of Change

In my work on resistance, I talk about Level 2, an emotional reaction to change. The root of this is often fear. Fear that I’ll lose my job, I’ll lose face, or I’ll lose control. But it’s getting worse. Level … Read More..

Leading Change in Uncertain Times

My friend Brian Higley wrote an article that I thought you might find useful. An important foundation for effective change – whether personal or organizational – is a clear picture of where you want to go. I think Brian’s article … Read More..

Change Management Open Source Project

I try to keep self-promotional things to a minimum on this blog, but since this a free service, I decided to indulge myself. I hope you find it interesting. The Open Source Project Last year I heard from people I’d … Read More..

Obama: “I Screwed Up.”

It was amazing to hear a President – or any leader for that matter – say, “I screwed up.” Hearing leaders admit mistakes is rare. At best, we might hear mistakes were made, but that leaves us to wonder just … Read More..