Values and Performance Part 4

I was asked by a client about the challenge of measuring values as part of performance management in federal government.  You will see posts below where I list comments readers of my newsletter sent me. Here is a response I … Read More..

Values and Performance – Part 3

Here is a reply I received from Eric regarding my client’s question about rating values as part of a performance review process. Given that the majority of inter-organizational “partnership” arrangements fail (over 60% in some citings), and that “interpersonal relationship … Read More..

Losing Focus and Clarity of Vision

I love the comic strip Frank and Ernest. On 4/30/09 A guy is attaching an additional sign to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms which reads “. . . and Trans Fats.” Frank or Ernest (I can never tell … Read More..

Values and Performance Part 2

Here’s another comment that came in from my friend, Ian Cook.  (I list his blog, Fulcrum, in my blog roll.) A controversial area, to say the least. Professionally, I would advise my client to stay away from building values into … Read More..

Comments on Measuring Values in Employee Performance

A client in the US federal government asked me if it were possible to measure values along with other performance indicators in the appraisal process. The Human Resources Department of that agency said “No.” I was skeptical, so I asked readers … Read More..