Woody Guthrie New Years Rulin’s

Woody Guthrie New Years Rulin’s In spite of my aversion to resolutions that must begin on January 1, I love this list written by Woody Guthrie in 1942. “Wash teeth, if any” being my favorite.

How to Subvert the Feedback Process

How to Subvert the Feedback Process I just completed a survey asking about my experience buying a new car. I think I hated filling it out worse than I hated actually buying the car. The salesperson was very good. No … Read More..

A Simple 10-Minute Productivity Tool (Really)

A Simple 10-Minute Productivity Tool (Really) I am not big on resolutions. Exercise facilities will be jammed from January 2 until February 15 or thereabouts, and then only the regulars will remain. For most the resolutions to lose weight, etc. … Read More..

Financial Performance and Organizational Identification

(This first part of this went out in my newsletter this morning, and then I came across the research on employee engagement.) They go hand-in-hand. (Photo of Matthew Lesko. Gawker.com) Probably no surprise, but employees that identify with their organizations … Read More..

What Doesn’t Motivate People

An article in Inc. 9 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money got me riled up. Sounded like the writer once worked for a boss who was really good with people, but some of the lessons learned were baffling. Here … Read More..

Making Change the Norm

I just responded to the Lean IT blog.  The author made four succinct points. I responded to the one that read:  3. Organizations should establish a culture of change where changes are both scheduled, expected, and managed. In other words, … Read More..