APCO Worldwide January 17, 2019

Tips for Delegating the Leadership of Change

Resistance to Change – Why It Matters and What to do About It

This short article covers my way of thinking about support and resistance.

The Magic List

This e-book explains how to create “the list” and how to interpret the results.

Energy Bar Tools

This website includes many videos, ideas, and an assessment tool all related to The Energy Bar.

The Challenges of Change

This e-book includes major reasons why change can be so challenging. It includes videos and an assessment tool as well.

How to Engage Stakeholders Effectively in 6 Steps

Batteries Not Included

I’m in the process of developing resources that support the Batteries idea. If you’d like to be kept in the loop, just let me know. 


Everything mentioned above is free and will not require any opt in.

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– Rick Maurer

The Energy Bar


Challenges of Change

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Free Ebook

The Magic List Ebook

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Assess Your Ability To Make a Case for Change

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