Applying Keller and Price’s 5 Questions on Leading Change

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Scott Keller and Colin Price wrote a very good blog post Five Questions That Should Shape Any Change Program for Harvard Business Review blog. It’s well worth reading.

I won’t repeat what they say in their post, but here’s what I like about the five questions. They are the type of critical questions that should be asked, but are often just taken for granted. It’s easy to say, “Sure, we’re ready for change” without slowing things down enough to find out if we really are ready.

My suggestion: Ask the executive (or planning) team to look at Keller and Price’s five questions and tell them that the purpose of the next meeting is to discuss our responses to those critical questions. If you are serious about doing change right, I believe attention to these questions could make a big difference in how you plan your next new initiative.

I wish you well.  – Rick



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