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“Here are free resources that you can begin to use today. All of these ideas and tools are things that I developed working with clients, so I know they are practical and can work.

I encourage you to begin with The Challenges of Change white paper. That paper links to many videos and other resources.”

~ Rick Maurer

The Challenges of Change White Paper

7 Key Challenges of Change Whitepaper


In the Challenges of Change White Paper,
I identify seven big challenges that can
destroy an otherwise great idea, and
show you how to avoid challenges in
the first place – or address them
when they catch you by surprise.





The Magic List

The Magic List eBook


This simple tool has become an indispensable foundation for most of my client engagements these days. The Magic List e-book is a quick read and it is free.

If you prefer video, here is the link to a short video where I explain The List and how to use it. Look for the video titled No Information = Danger. 

More resources are available here:


The Energy Bar™

Energy Bar Tools VideoThe Energy Bar™  is a quick way for leaders and planning teams to begin to shift resistance (or inertia) into support.

You’ll see a 3-minute video that introduces you to The Energy Bar™.

This page also includes many short videos that focus on common challenges leaders and planning groups face. . . and a 3-question assessment that results in real advice in just a couple of minutes.

The All Hands Meetings White Paper

All Hands Meetings


In the All Hands Meetings White Paper,
I share the results of a leadership survey researching the value of All Hands Meetings. The first thing I learned was that my hypothesis was wrong. People often do like these big meetings. We just need to change a few things about them.




The Energy Bar


Challenges of Change

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The Magic List Ebook

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