Once Again, Downsizing is Still a Bad Idea

Great article in this morning’s The Wall Street Journal titled Recalculating the Costs of Big Layoffs. Lots of good hard-number examples. It still amazes me after so many years of solid research on the impact of downsizing (see Wayne Cascio’s … Read More..

Alternatives to Downsizing

This relates to my recent post on layoffs. My web sleuth found my Alternatives to Downsizing article from 1996 just tucked away on my website. …

Leading after Layoffs

Wendy Mack and Deanna Banks have posted their new e-book on Wendy’s website. Leading After Layoffs: Best Practices for Re-Energizing Your Workforce is a fine and accessible short book. Did you know that a 1 percent reduction in force can … Read More..

The Terror of Change

In my work on resistance, I talk about Level 2, an emotional reaction to change. The root of this is often fear. Fear that I’ll lose my job, I’ll lose face, or I’ll lose control. But it’s getting worse. Level … Read More..

Leading in Turbulent Times

I just wrote a white paper titled Leading in Turbulent Times. You can read the full article at Leading in Turbulent Times Here are a couple of paragraphs: With so much at stake, it is easy to put on blinders … Read More..

Downsizing – A Dumb Change Management Strategy

Cost cutting by downsizing is a risky strategy. Even a small reduction in force “can unleash an exodus of valuable employees.” Here’s the really scary part. Companies that laid off half of one percent found that turnover rate was 13 … Read More..