Shift the Energy Before It’s Too late

(#10 in The Energy Bar series)   Jim Blasingame (the Small Business Advocate) told me a great story about energy. At age 27, he landed a job in sales with Xerox.  He met with the local head of a manufacturing … Read More..

Why Don’t People Tell Their Bosses the Truth?

(#9 in The Energy Bar series) There is one major reason why people don’t tell you the truth: they aren’t idiots. (You might want to write that down.) A senior manager in a small privately-owned company told me they would … Read More..

Why Use the Energy Bar?

[To gain a quick understanding of The Energy Bar, please watch this 3-minute animated video. The Energy Bar} I’m a big fan of theories and approaches on influence and change (in fact, I even developed a couple of my own), … Read More..

Call it change or transformation?

My friend Greta asks a good question. Pls respond. Thanks. Greta writes: Hi Rick, A question occupying my mind at the moment is the use of the word transformation rather than change. Some of my clients have recently started using … Read More..

The Wonder of Performance Reviews

The Wonder of Performance Reviews Kabuki: a highly stylized form of theater Jena McGregor’s piece The Corporate Kabuki of Performance Reviews (The Washington Post 2/24/13) gets it right. This annual ritualized bloodletting doesn’t appreciably improve performance and yet we persist. … Read More..

Merit Pay and Performance

  “. . .one noted voice cries, “It Doesn’t Work.” Lyndsey Layton wrote a fine article in this morning’s The Washington Post about Daniel Pink’s view on merit pay for teachers. (he is the author of Drive and other books.) … Read More..

How to Subvert the Feedback Process

How to Subvert the Feedback Process I just completed a survey asking about my experience buying a new car. I think I hated filling it out worse than I hated actually buying the car. The salesperson was very good. No … Read More..

Values and Performance – Part 3

Here is a reply I received from Eric regarding my client’s question about rating values as part of a performance review process. Given that the majority of inter-organizational “partnership” arrangements fail (over 60% in some citings), and that “interpersonal relationship … Read More..