Shift the Energy Before It’s Too late

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Tips for Getting Back on Track

Did you ever find yourself in the midst of a major change, only to see it start to fail badly? Do you begin to worry that all that time and money and hope — not to mention your reputation) is going down the tubes?. . . If so, you’re not alone. It happens a lot.

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How to Work Effectively with Level 3 Resistance

Level 3 is the deepest, most firmly entrenched form of opposition to any change. The problems are big and may appear overwhelming. (In Level 1 resistance people don’t go along because they don’t understand or don’t agree with your interpretation of the data. Level 2 comes from a fear of what the change will mean.) In Level 3, people are opposing you. This resistance could be based on your history together, conflicting values, or who you represent (i.e. union versus management, differences in race or culture.)

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Getting Back on Track

Even the best plans can derail. Conditions change – changing market forces, new directives from headquarters, a change in personnel, a union election, and so on. In other words, resistance to change takes over. Managing organizational change is especially challenging during this stage.

Three critical things to know at this stage:

  • Be able to spot resistance early and in its many subtle forms.
    And be able to determine if the potential derailment is caused
    technical, financial, or human factors. These are common
    sources of resistance to change. If you know these, you can
    avoid many of the real headaches that come with change.
  • Ways to find out why things are going off track. If you judge
    wrong, you can either get people madder at you or waste
    some valuable time.
  • Strategies to turn opposition and reluctance into support.

Here are some tools that can help.

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How to Work Effectively with Level 2 Resistance

Level 2 Resistance is an emotional reaction to the new idea. In short, people are afraid. They fear that with this change they will lose control over their work, lose respect, become overwhelmed by yet another straw on their backs — or-they may be afraid they will lose their jobs.

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