What the Magna Carta Could Teach Corporate Leaders

This month marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, a document that provided rule-of-law protection for the people. Lord Dening, a 20th Century British jurist, called it “the greatest constitutional document of all time, the foundation … Read More..

Why Use the Energy Bar?

[To gain a quick understanding of The Energy Bar, please watch this 3-minute animated video. The Energy Bar} I’m a big fan of theories and approaches on influence and change (in fact, I even developed a couple of my own), … Read More..

Rewards May Actually Hurt Performance

Rewards May Actually Hurt Performance A study by Amy Wrzesniewski  and Barry Schwartz found that when instrumental motivation is combined with internal motivation, it can work against good performance. Someone may go to West Point because she wants to become … Read More..

Call it change or transformation?

My friend Greta asks a good question. Pls respond. Thanks. Greta writes: Hi Rick, A question occupying my mind at the moment is the use of the word transformation rather than change. Some of my clients have recently started using … Read More..

Once Again, Downsizing is Still a Bad Idea

Great article in this morning’s The Wall Street Journal titled Recalculating the Costs of Big Layoffs. Lots of good hard-number examples. It still amazes me after so many years of solid research on the impact of downsizing (see Wayne Cascio’s … Read More..