Stop Me Before I Talk Again

(#4 in The Energy Bar posts) Here’s a question for you. What’s the biggest thing that blocks your ability to influence others? The answer: your mouth. Years ago, as part of a planning group, I was talking passionately about the … Read More..

Why Use the Energy Bar?

[To gain a quick understanding of The Energy Bar, please watch this 3-minute animated video. The Energy Bar} I’m a big fan of theories and approaches on influence and change (in fact, I even developed a couple of my own), … Read More..

Bad Bosses Are Bad for Business

According to Inc. magazine, bad bosses are bad for business. I mean really bad. This sobering article/graphic is worth skimming. Why is this so? Look at the amount of money spent on management development training every year. You’d think that … Read More..

Podcast With Lori Silverman (Audio)

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, author of Wake Me When the Data is Over. We focus on ways to build support for change through the use of stories.

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Making a Compelling Case for Change

One thing sets successful change management strategies apart from those that don’t work – people believe a change is needed. In a study we conducted,we found that in 95 percent of the successful changes, those who had a stake in the outcome understood that something had to change.

Making a compelling case for change is critical to your success. Everything else rests on your ability to get this message across. If you fail here, everything else is going to be harder. You will surely face resistance to change. And that’s not pretty. The change may take longer, cost more, give you headaches, and ultimately fail. Sadly, many rush past this phase and a pay a high price.

Are you certain that most (if not all) critical stakeholders see – and feel in their guts – a compelling need to change?

Here are some resources that can help you answer that question and make a compelling case for change.

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Why You Must Build Support Before You Need It

Have you tried to introduce a major new change in your organization – one that you knew was critically important – only to be met with blank stares or worse? People looked at you like you had come up with an idea whose time definitely had not come. Let’s assume for a minute that your idea actually was a good one, then why would people oppose you?

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