Change Management Planning Using Wiki

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Interesting article in the NY Times on Friday, 8/13/09 about US Army using Wiki to allow troops to rewrite seven field manuals.

This is a major shift for the Army. Col. Charles J. Burnett, the director of the Army’s Battle Command Knowledge System said, “The only ones who could write doctrine were the select few. Now, imagine the challenge in accepting that anybody can go on the wiki and make a change – that is a big challenge, culturally.” (NYT)

I started thinking. What if organizations created field manuals for leading change that were open source (ala wiki technology)? Anyone could contribute and anyone could build on or change the work of others. They would create manuals that would become the standard for how change was planned and implemented.

I haven’t thought more about the idea than what you are reading.

I just started a discussion on Change Management Open Source Project.  If you have thoughts, please add to the discussion on that site. Thanks.