The Challenges of Change

Have you ever led a major change and out of nowhere some big hairy challenge reared its ugly head? I identified seven of those big challenges that can occur anytime over the life of a big project.  I invite you to click on any one of them. You’ll find ideas and tools that you can start to use right away to address that challenge. And all of these videos, assessments, e-books, and white papers are free.


Stuck in the Status Quo
What to do when no one sees the need to make a change.


The Challenge of Leading Over-Worked and Under-Performing Project Teams
Ways to help project teams handle increasing demands.


Resistance to Change
What you need to know about why people resist – and what you can do about it.


Failing to Learn from the Past
History only repeats itself when we fail to learn from the past.


Failing to Engage People in Changes that Affect Them
Employee engagement is the secret sauce in successful change.


Failing to Keep Change Alive
Ways to sustain change so that you get where you want to go.


Waiting Way too Long to Get People Involved in the Change
Ways that you just might be able to turn apathy and resistance into support.


The Energy Bar


Challenges of Change

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