Creating the List Assessment

In order to try to build support for change, you must know why people don’t support you. That information is vital. Please complete this assessment. If you find that you can’t fill in some boxes, then read The Magic List. It is a free e-book and in it, I will show you how to gather that vital information quickly and reliably.



Level 1
To what extent do people understand what this change is all about?

To what extent are they in the dark about the details of this change?

Level 2
To what extent are people excited about the possibilities of this change?

To what extent are they frightened about this change?

Level 3
To what extent do people have trust and confidence in those leading this change?

To what extent do they lack trust or confidence in the leaders?

Once you complete the assessment, be sure to read How to Build Support for Change During the 11th Hour


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Challenges of Change

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