Finding the Edge of Personal Excellence

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Sudhakar Prabu wrote a very good piece for his blog titled How to find the edge that leads to personal excellence?

I guess I like it so much because I agree with him:) Here is a brief excerpt:

“Numbers of executives I meet these days ask me, “Is there any one or are there a few things I can do to find the edge to move from being good to great?

Well, they did not address the question exactly in the way I have framed it, but their queries were somewhat related to this question. If you are also a concerned business executive, you may have a similar question. So, what can we do in times likes these to get ahead, and get to the top of the game?

When people ask such a question of me, in a way it bothers me, for they assume the way to greatness is so simple that it can be summarized easily and based on some quick fix solutions. It is proven, time and again, that the quick fix solutions may show temporary results, but they do not last long. Quick fix solutions only introduce changes at the peripherals, not a deep rooted change that lasts long.”