Flopping Over the Goal Line

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Flopping Over the Goal Line

With seconds to play in the 2012 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots decided to allow the NY Giants to score, which would give them a 21 to 17 lead. But this would give New England the ball with enough time to run a few plays and perhaps win the game. However, if the Giants didn’t take the bait and just held onto the ball without attempting to score, they would eat up previous seconds making it almost impossible for New England to win.

NY Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw got the ball, ran toward the goal line, turned around, and then just couldn’t stop himself. He flopped over the goal line. He had to make the touchdown. (See video of Bradshaw’s winning touchdown)

I was working with a client last week that has the opposite problem. They start a lot of projects, but then never get anywhere near the end zone. There were no Ahmad Bradshaws to take the ball over.

I think Bradshaw’s instinct was to score and it seemed like he just couldn’t stop himself. And I thought how great it would be if my client were able to create such momentum that people had to get the project across the goal line.Their projects tended to fade away well before they could even see the end zone, let alone enter it.

Some years ago, I asked readers of my e-mail newsletter, Tools for a Change to tell me about times when they were able to keep change alive. 23 Great Ideas to Keep Change Alive is a collection of what they told me. Perhaps these ideas lack the excitement of the final minute of the Super Bowl, but I think these people offer some great advice.



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