Keeping Change Alive

Monday, January 17th, 2005

I’ll prime the pump on the request I made in the last entry. I came across a list of things that sustain commitment to change. This was put together by a group of engineers and managers in a class that I led. I like what they came up with for the most part.

  1. Celebrate short term wins.
  2. Change rewards systems so that people are rewarded for working toward the change.
  3. Involve people in the implementation planning.
  4. Delegate and provide resources.
  5. Define scope and direction of ownership.
  6. Build business literacy.
  7. Create permanent vehicles that will endure. (I wish they had been more specific on this one.)
  8. Demonstrate symbolic leadership — be visible.
  9. Communicate up and down results and feedback.
  10. Build common languages.
  11. Translate into behavioral terms.
  12. Identify dumb things that must stop.
  13. Funeral for the past.

I hope this reminds you of a time when you were able to sustain commitment. If so, please send it along. Thanks.