Keeping Change Alive from Start to Finish

The Challenge: A high tech company was having difficulty fully implementing new ideas. They were worried that they could slip behind the competition if they didn’t get better at keeping new ideas alive from planning to implementation.

The Opportunity: If they could determine what was getting in the way of implementing new ideas, they had the skills, resources, and commitment to get real results from all these major projects they had under way.

The Results: We developed an assessment that helped them determine how likely they were to actually see benefit from these new initiatives. Although the results were sobering, we didn’t end there. We supported management as they developed strategies to bridge the most critical gaps between where they were and where they needed to be.

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Rick Maurer is an advisor to organizations on ways to lead successful Change without Migraines™. He is author of many books on change, including Beyond the Wall of Resistance. You can reach him directly at 703 525-7074 or

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