Level 3 Resistance and Jet Blue

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Level 3 resistance (and support) is formed in the relationship with the other person. I believe it is the most serious form of resistance. Once you lose people’s trust, it is very difficult to rebuild. For those of you who lead change, or simply need to influence others in order to get your ideas across, watch Jet Blue.


It treated its customers well, and the public loved it. But last week they kept people on tarmacs for hours, and eventually cancelled many flights. And now the press won’t let go of the story.  Maybe that’s fair, maybe not.


The good news is that we can learn from how Jet Blue handles this Level 3 crisis. Early signs were bad, but this morning it appeared that their CEO was being fairly open about the problem, and promising to make amends. That’s good, but keep watching. Watch how the public, the press, and the dreaded bloggers respond. Maybe they’ll love what’s being said, maybe not. But watch what Jet Blue does next. It is a dance with each move either building trust or diminishing it.


And why is this good news? The Jet Blue situation is a free lesson in how to maintain or destroy trust.


If you want to learn more on the three levels of resistance, read my article, Why Resistance Matters. https://www.beyondresistance.com/htm/popups/why.html