Maybe We’re Making Change Too Hard – Consider the Energy Bar

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

I think we may have it backwards when it comes to change management. We teach theory and models and then ask people to apply what they’ve learned. But, paying attention to the nuances of their reactions to change (e.g. how they might support or resist something new) is new terrain for many. Consequently, they revert to their preferred default tactics such as large slide-driven meetings and actually miss opportunities to build support for their ideas.

I got to thinking, what if we started by inviting leaders to engage others before we ever taught them a theory? So, I have been playing with something I call The Energy Bar. It is very simple and free. Over the past three months I taught it to clients in five countries, and all of them were able to apply the tool within minutes. (I believe that once people begin to use The Energy Bar, then will see where they are strong and places where they might  need more theory, tools, or practice.)

Here is a 2+ minute animation that describes The Energy Bar. I hope you’ll take a look. And I’d love to hear your reactions.