Seizing Moments of Possibility Resources

Application Activities 1 through 9

You can download a short document that includes all nine of these activities with this link.

Chapter 1: Why Is Lack of Energy So Deadly—and How Can You Avoid the Problems It Creates?

Application Activity #1: Quick Ways to Identify What Gets People Excited and Engaged

Remember, all of the Application Activities can be accessed using the link at the top of this page.

Are All-Hands Meetings Worth the Bother?

I wrote this paper for a client who was about to schedule an all-hands meeting with no clear idea of why they were doing this other than they had promised they would. I started with a request to my email list to hear what they had to say about the effectiveness of these large meetings. They offered some great suggestions and things to avoid.

Chapter 2: Spotting Moments of Possibility

Taiichi Ohno. A Google search on the Toyota Production System will lead you to a lot about Ohno and the Ohno Circles.

Daniel J. Simons, The Monkey Business Illusion.

Please honor Dr. Simons’ copyright. He posted this video for personal use and not for broadcast or use in training sessions. Thanks.

The reference to John Mariotti and Huffy comes from the article I wrote for my Caught in the Middle Newsletter 4/1993. Sadly, it is way out of print.

Chris Argyris conducted important research on executive teams. He has plenty of papers, books, and YouTube interviews.

Dr. Debbie Crews’s research: I believe you can get a good introduction to her work in the video: What Should Be Going on in Your Brain During Golf.

David Kohn, “What Athletes See”. The Atlantic Monthly, 11/18/2015. The article covers research on “the quiet eye” and includes quotes from Dr. Joan Vickers, the study’s primary author.

Application Activity #2: Watch People as They Interact with Each Other

Application Activity #3: Imagine Where Others’ Energy Might Be as You Observe

Chapter 3: Sharpening Your Focus

You can learn much more about The Energy Bar at I’d begin by watching the short animated video on the homepage and then take the three-question assessment tool. Your responses will lead you to answer sheets filled with ideas and videos with examples of people doing things correctly.

“Resistance to Change – Why It Matters and What to Do About It” is a short article I wrote about the three levels.

The Magic List. You will find the e-book at:

Application Activity #4: Try Out New Lenses While Observing

Chapter 4: Tweaking and Blending Energy into Existing Activities

Application Activity #5: Look for Places to Tweak and Blend

Application Activity #6: Evaluate How It Went

Chapter 5: Putting Fresh Batteries into Your Plans

Application Activity #7: Using the Batteries Not Included™ Map

The Application Activities packet contains a blank copy of the Batteries Not Included Map as well as suggestions for using this tool. Please feel free to make copies for your personal use. You may use it for your own planning or your work with a planning or executive team. Do not make copies of the Batteries Not Included Map for presentations, coaching, or consulting without my permission. (When in doubt, send me a note and we can talk. Thanks.)

I recorded a short informal video to help you use the Batteries Not Included Map™ for the first time.

Application Activity #8: Gauging Your Plan’s Energy

Application Activity #9: Create an Energy GPS Tool

Keeping This Approach Alive

As you and others apply what’s in this book, I am certain that I will be adapting what you’ve just read. Please let me know how you have applied these ideas. What’s worked? What hasn’t? And how have you adapted my ideas? I will do my best to pass along what I learn from you. Thanks.

Rick Maurer