Stop Making Eye Contact

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013


In an article  by Meeri Kim in the WP on 10/6/13 she writes, “Forcing eye contact when trying to change someone’s mind may actually cause listeners to become more stubborn.” She cites the work of Frances Chen, Julia Minson, Maren Shone, Markus Heinrich: In the Eye of the Beholder Eye Contact Increases Resistance to Persuasion

So, how many times have we asked people to look directly at each other when they spoke? And saw something negative (evasice, pehaps) when people averted their eyes? The research showed that when people were being interrogated,  they were less likely to confess if the authority figure was seated directly across from them. However, if they changed the angle of their chair just a bit, the confession rate went up. Just sayin”