Values and Performance – Part 3

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Here is a reply I received from Eric regarding my client’s question about rating values as part of a performance review process.

Given that the majority of inter-organizational “partnership” arrangements fail (over 60% in some citings), and that “interpersonal relationship problems” is often cited as a fundamental reason for leaving a job, then I’d really wonder what this particular supervisor is focusing on. True, the question as phrased, specifically, cites indicators. Indicators of what? Or, are these, or some of these, specific kinds of desirable behavior? If the supervisor feels OK at listing specific behaviors, then it might be a matter of miscommunication. If the supervisor doesn’t want any of this “stuff” in the appraisal process, then it seems needful that someone take the supervisor aside for a friendly chat. ¬†Something seems to be upside down in this limited description.

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