Values and Performance Part 4

Friday, May 29th, 2009
I was asked by a client about the challenge of measuring values as part of performance management in federal government.  You will see posts below where I list comments readers of my newsletter sent me.
Here is a response I just got to that question from Sandy McCarrie, Defense Contact Management Agency.
The HR person was partially correct in regards to performance indicators.
Cooperation/teamwork, communication, customer focus, and leadership are considered during evaluations as contributing factors, under the National Security Personnel System (NSPS), which has replaced the General Schedule rating system for some government offices. (Some agencies/departments are not under NSPS.)
Under NSPS, Performance indicators are established for different groups of employees based on the level of difficulty of their positions.  Contributing factors can either raise a rating by 1, reduce a rating by 1, or have 0 effect on the rating.
More information on the contributing factors mentioned above can be found at:
Performance indicators can be found at: