What if We Gave Artists Early Retirement Packages?

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

What if We Gave Artists Early Retirement Packages?

Last night I heard Ron Carter at The Bohemian Caverns, an historic DC jazz club. Last time I saw him live was with the classic Miles Davis quintet around 1966. He took my breath away back then, just as he did again last night. The other surviving members of the quintet, Hancock and Shorter, are still doing the same.  None of these guys are on nostalgic trips recreating old hits. They are still creating.

Here Ron Carter is at age 75 playing music that is rich and well worth our attention. Next week I will get to hear Jimmy Heath, who is now 85, and still turns heads when he plays.  The same could be said of Hank Jones and James Moody who both died in 2010 at the ages of 92 and 85 respectively. No Old Timers Games for them, they all played their butts off. (And that’s a good thing.)

All this got me thinking, if any of them had worked for a corporation, they probably would have been put out to pasture decades ago. And imagine what the world would have lost? Just sayin’. . .

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