Application Activities for Seizing Moments of Possibility

A growing collection of free tools for blending energy and forward momentum into every action you take as you build and sustain strong support for change.

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The Magic List V3

The Magic List

This simple tool has become an indispensable foundation for most of my client engagements these days. The Magic List e-book is a quick read and it is free.

If you prefer video, here is the link to a short video where I explain The List and how to use it. Look for the video titled No Information = Danger.

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The Rick Maurer channel on YouTube is filled with many short videos that address support and resistance to change in organizations. I keep creating new Wayne’s World quality videos. As I post new videos, I will let you know in my newsletter and on LinkedIn.

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Energy Bar Tools Video

The Energy Bar™

The Energy Bar™ is a quick way for leaders and planning teams to begin to shift resistance (or inertia) into support.

You’ll see a 3-minute video that introduces you to The Energy Bar™.
This page also includes many short videos that focus on common challenges leaders and planning groups face. . . and a 3-question assessment that results in real advice in just a couple of minutes.

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Leading from the Middle

Often managers, supervisors, and project managers feel like they are caught in the middle as they try to get things done. This book is for them. It is filled with things to consider and ideas to try out.

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Are All-Hands Meetings Worth the Bother

The All Hands Meetings White Paper

In the All Hands Meetings White Paper, I share the results of a leadership survey researching the value of All Hands Meetings. The first thing I learned was that my hypothesis was wrong. People often do like these big meetings. We just need to change a few things about them.

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Squandered Opportunities

Squandered Opportunities

Leaders of successful change do things differently than their less successful peers. There is nothing magical or particularly hard about those things that they do. The difference seems to be that they actually do those things.

In Squandered Opportunities you will learn:

  • 4 critical things that only you – the most senior leader – can provide
  • Things to avoid
  • 3 additional things that many of those leaders of successful change do
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New Rick Maurer book "Seizing Moments of Possibility" - Ways to Trigger Energy and Forward Momentum on Your Ideas and Plans

Seizing Moments of Possibility

I believe this new book is the best introduction to my work. It covers many of the topics listed above and includes many Application Activities so that you can apply these ideas while you are reading the short book.

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